No More Losing Dice - Way of the Guardian uses no dice. They have been replaced by a "Power Draw System". The rules in your Starter Set will explain how to use this system.

Full Cho Kumite Compatability – Way of the Guardian is the next generation of the classic Cho Kumite game system. Once you read the new rules, you will find that all of the classic cards are fully compatible with the new system, but you may have questions. Here are answers to common questions.
* Since the classic cards have no blue or red arrows on their Combat Meters, when determining your base strike & block values use 7.
* Since the classic cards have no plus or minus modifiers at the bottom of the cards, when performing a Power Draw use +0 strike & +0 block.
* Since the classic cards did not use factions, when determining teams use the Universal Faction. Add the Guardian Faction to any custom cards with your name at the top of the card.
* “Knock out/take down” rules have been discarded. Ignore them.

Card Backs & Thicknesses – Most card games use the same backs & thicknesses on all of their cards. Way of the Guardian & Cho Kumite do not. Being able to see that a custom card is coming up in your draw pile is part of the strategy. To prevent players from “stacking” their decks, allow your opponent to shuffle your deck before each game.

The Speed Rules – To keep the game moving & avoid any stalemates, I recommend 2 rules tweaks. 1) Full Rank Damage: When your fighter succeeds in striking your opponent, you should always deal your fighter’s full rank as damage, no matter how much damage your fighter has received. The current rules tell you to calculate the damage you deal, by subtracting from your rank, any damage you have taken. This slows the game way down & will be changed in future editions.
2) Turn 7 Tournament Rule: At the end of 7 turns determine which player currently holds the most victory points & declare that player the winner. If it is currently a tie the next player to score the most damage at the end of a battle wins the game. The board is locked. No more cards may be added to play. The player who attacks first in the 8th turn has the advantage of picking the first battle. The second battle is now chosen by the other player & you go back & forth choosing battles until one player scores more damage at the end of a battle than the other player.

The New Belt Rule – Every time you earn a new full belt rank in your martial arts school, you are rewarded by adding 10 points to both your Strike & Block meters on any custom cards that have your name at the top. (They’ll have your picture on them too, because you would have purchased them at a Photo-Kicks photo shoot) Earn 2 full belt ranks, add 20 points. Earn 3, add 30. . . & so on! Keep training & learning the Way of the Guardian!
-Adam Boster

Way of the Guardian is trademarked and owned by Adam Boster. All names, characters, & game elements copyright Adam Boster 2009 or earlier.

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