Welcome to our Card Spotlight feature! Here, we'll feature a Way of the Guardian game card, along with some strategy notes, tips, and commentary.

Current Card: Hive Worker

F23_-_Hive_Worker_webOverview:  The Hive Worker is a very weak white belt card, with only one energy, with low strike and block, the Hive Worker alone is useless, but with friends to back it up, he can be unstoppable.  The bigger the better? nope.  The more the merrier? Yes!

Combat:  The Hive Worker is very weak, with his basic strike and block at 80, and at 12 is goes to only 90.  However, his card effect can create him into the strongest card on the field.

Card Effect:  "Swarm: I gain +50 strike score for every other peacebringer you have at this location."  This is the cards strong point.  The more peacebringer cards at the same location can be great for Hive Worker (ed note: who is a peacebringer).

Power Effect:  "Razor Jaws: 1, if I deal damage during this battle, I deal +1 damage."  This is the icing on the cake.  Every hive worker who does this deals +1 damage if you hit your enemy.  So 7 Hive Workers plus "Razor Jaws" = wins?

Thanks for reading because I'll make more!

D.J. Wade

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