Why Factions?

There are several good reasons to pick a single faction as the focus of a deck:

  • Cards with the same Faction Icon perform better when you play two or more of them as a Team at the same Location. All of them will have full use of their card powers.
  • Cards that share a Faction Icon are typically designed to work well together, and it's easier to put together combo options.
  • Certain factions actually include cards that provide benefits when you have other members of that faction in play.

The disadvantage of a single-faction deck is variety. You lose some of the options you might otherwise have with a more random deck.

The best way to remedy this weakness is to add cards to your deck that expand your faction options. For instance, Ally cards can be a part of any Team as if they shared a Faction Icon, so you can fill out your deck with a few good Ally choices, and still keep your faction advantage. Also, cards with the Diplomat ability can allow you to mix-and-match your factions in a single deck.

Also, your choice of Enhancement and Event cards can have a strong effect on the performance of a faction deck. Some factions will benefit more from one kind of Enhancement than another, and many Event cards are more useful for one faction than another.

Faction Summaries:

  • Druin: The Druin faction is extremely dependent on Power Points, and without them the Druin are not good stand-up fighters. However, Druin Fighters typically have a good range of card powers that can either boost their combat ability, or give you extra attack options for neutralizing your opponent. Druin cards are almost all Psi characters, so choosing Psi Enhancements and Events will always be a good choice for this faction.
  • Guardians: Guardian characters are often special characters with two Faction Icons. By building a multi-faction deck around several Guardians and their secondary factions, you can create a very flexible deck. For example, a Team composed of a Zin Don Guardian leader, an O-Kon Guardian, and a Zin Don character can always use all three cards' Power Effects in a Battle because both of the leader's team-mates share a Faction Icon with the leader.
  • O-Kon: O-Kon characters are usually very tough, with good defensive abilities. Their ability to attack will require a good Power Draw, and a poor Power Draw can make an O-Kon attacker almost useless. O-Kon characters will benefit from things that improve their Strike score, and from good supporting cards, especially power-ups.
  • Peacebringers: The Bringers of Peace are a strange faction. Each individual is typically weak, but the more Peacebringers you have in a Battle, the more powerful all of them become.
  • Pridermians: Normally when you play Pridermians you want to get as many of them into play as possible - like Peacebringers, they benefit from being in a deck with others of their own kind. However, unlike Peacebringers, a group of Pridermian fighters can usually share abilities even if they're at different Locations.
  • Zin Don: The biggest problem for Zin Don decks is energy - many Zin Don Fighters are powerful, and expensive to play. Once they're in play, Zin Don characters are excellent for stand-up fights and slugging matches where you need to deal a lot of damage fast. Zin Don characters usually lack versatility, so Ally and Diplomat cards can give your deck much-needed options.

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