In the far future, humans reach for the stars. There we find new friends...and new enemies.

Under the light of alien stars, humans and other races live and work side-by-side. Not all is peaceful, however. Some planets are a part of one of the great space empires, while others are independent frontier worlds. Many of these planets are wild and untamed, while others are great cities wrapping all the way around the globe, but danger lurks on each and every one.

Long ago humans worked with several of the alien governments to create an independent force for peace. This society of protectors was to watch over the people of civilized space, keeping the peace and working against evil. This organization is the Order of the Guardians, sworn to uphold the ways of peace and justice, and it has held the line against darkness for a long, long time.

But now, new dangers threated the Guardians from outside and from within, and war is brewing in the outer systems. Dark forces are at work, and the Guardians are caught on all sides by war and intrigue. The fate of the universe depends on one rogue Guardian and his team of students, alone in the dark between the stars....

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