Humans, pescans, belrothi, and many other races form the body broadly known as the Unaligned Races.

Humans: The largest single group within this category is humankind, and most human worlds are part of the Terran Alliance government.

Pescans: The aquatic fish-like race found by humans on the planet 34 Crucis II, pescans are gentle pacifists. With their large eyes and mouths, pescans can be quite comical-looking, and their gentle natures make them valued friends. Many pescans are employed in zero-g work environments, which they adapt easily to, and they make excellent starship navigators.

Belrothi: Resembling bat-eared primates, belrothi are another race found by wandering human explorers in recent years. They rarely leave their low-gravity homeworld of Belroth, and so have yet to make a major impact on interstellar civilization. Planet Belroth is technically part of the Terran Alliance, and serves as a base world for gas giant mining by humans in the Belroth system.

Synths: Technically human, synths are terrans who have modified themselves using genetic engineering or biological prosthetics. No two synths look alike, and many look like normal humans at first glance.

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