The real name of the evil Druin who calls himself Xerxes is lost to history. Supposedly thousands of years old, Xerxes is sometimes called "the Scourge" by his people. Exiled as a criminal millennia ago, he made his way to the outer parts of the galaxy, and set about making his own empire. He set himself up as a "god" among the primitive cultures of several planets, a crime for which the Druin eventually imprisoned him. His crystal prison could not hold him forever, and eventually Xerxes escaped, fleeing to the deeps of space.

Xerxes is powerful but a megalomaniac, and he truly believes that he is on a path to becoming immortal and all-powerful. He has few allies and cares nothing for the lives of his servants, let alone anyone else. Sometime in the last few centuries, Xerxes has perfected a psi technique for tearing the life energy from a creature to power his own abilities, making him even more dangerous to encounter

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